Our Governors

The Governors are a very important part of our learning community.  They have many responsibilities and help to shape the direction of our provision and the way we work.  There are eight governors plus the headteacher ranging from parents, staff and those appointed by the local authority.  They meet regularly and give support to the school and also act as a ‘critical friend’ to maintain challenge and accountability.

Current Governors

 Kelly Lin

 Chair of Governors, appointed Governor 18.11.2015 and appointed Chair 10.10.2017 

 Glenda King


 Catherine Byrne

 Co-opted Governor reappointed 20.11.2013 and reappointed 18.11.2015

 Anna Day

 Staff Governor appointed 08.03.2012 and reappointed 18.11.2015

 Shirley Dowuonah-Hammond 

 Parent Governor appointed 30.11.2016

 Leila Bakkali 

 Parent Governor appointed 30.11.2016

 Hannah Lazell

 Governor appointed 18.11.2015

 Kelly Lin

 Governor appointed 18.11.2015

 Tien Tien Tan

 Governor appointed 30.11.2016

 Ms C Strelitz

 Clerk to the Governors



 Resources Committee  

Kelly Lin (Chair), Glenda King, Catherine Byrne, Anna Day, Jay Lakhani (Finance Support)

 Standards and Children's Centre  Committee 

Glenda King, Catherine Byrne, Hannah Lazell, Anna Day , Bolu  Heather (in attendance)

 Development and Meetings Working  Parties

Glenda King, Catherine Byrne, Anna Day, Kelly Lin, Bolu Heather (in attendance), Tony Danford (in attendance)

Register of Business and Interest Declarations
  • Kelly Lin is a Governor of Richard Atkins Primary School
  • Glenda King is a Trustee of Roots & Shoots Ltd and Fevered Sleep
  • Nil returns were received from all other active Governors

For Governors' attendances at full and sub-committee meetings, click here.

Former Governors
 Adam Matthews  Chair of Governors appointed as Parent Governor 01.04.2014, appointed as Chair 18.11.2015

 Susannah Wiltshire

 Chair of Governors appointed as Community Governor from 20.11.2013 to 31.07.2015

 Annette Cunningham  

 Parent Governor appointed 01.04.2014 to 18.06.2015

 Catherine Warren

 Community Governor appointed 13.11.2012 to 24.06.2015

 Penelope Sinclair

 Local Authority Governor from 1975 to March 2015

 Maria Martin

 Parent Governor appointed 01.04.2014

 Elisa Costa Brava

 Parent Governor appointed 01.04.2014