Speech and Language Support

Evelina Children’s Hospital Community Speech and Language Therapy Service

This is a service for children and young people in Lambeth and Southwark. You can find out more about the service and what is offered by clicking here. 

The team of speech and language therapists and assistants offer specialist advice, assessment and help for children and young people (0-19 years) who have difficulties with any aspect of their communication, including:

  • speech sounds
  • talking
  • attention and listening
  • understanding
  • interacting.

The therapists work with babies and children who have eating, drinking and swallowing difficulties. They work with the people who spend the most time with the child. This may include parents, carers, family members, school staff and nursery staff.

Drop-in sessions for children under five

The community speech and language therapy team runs a number of different support and advice sessions for families in Lambeth and Southwark. You can find out more about the drop-in sessions by clicking here.

Speech and language therapy drop-ins at the Children's Centre

Do you have any questions about your child's speech or language development?

Come along to one of our monthly drop-in sessions for children under five, for free advice from a speech and language therapist. You can find out when the speech therapist is at the Children's Centre by looking at our Current Activity Programme here or our calendar here.