Ethelred Development News II

17 January 2017

The photo, taken from the roof of Brittany Point, shows the new Nursery and Children's Centre building rapidly taking shape. The road to the top left is Kennington Road, and you can see the petrol station roof behind the amazing crane tower (top centre).

The school building is up to roof level - see the three rectangular roof lights in a row - and on the left hand side where the roof boarding is lower around a lift shaft, the lower area shows where the new adjoining 16-storey apartment block will be. The area at ground level around the crane tower in the centre will be the playground, and there are two more playgrounds at first floor level, which you can see to the bottom left and just to the right of the crane tower. The long grey rectangle to the right of the photo is the existing boiler house, which is being retained.

The building works are on schedule to complete in late spring 2018.