Ethelred Development News III

24 February 2017

We were very excited to have our first site visit to look at the new school building now under construction. Columns and floors are built (no walls yet) and we got a real sense of just how spacious the new building will be once it's finished, with lovely high ceilings and lots of curtain glazing. The internal playground was full of machinery, materials and the huge crane, but we could still see that it's going to be a really useful big area. Loads of potential, loads of space and loads of excitement in anticipation!

Ethelred development site visit 24 February 2017

  • This will be a teaching space (to the right hand side)  and lavatories (to the left)
  • This will be a teaching space
  • This is where the dining room and kitchen will be
  • This will be the playground