Food, Drink and Birthdays

Full-time children receive school meals (click here for a sample menu) that are prepared in the kitchen at Archbishop Sumner’s School and delivered to the dining area. Meals are served family style with a meals supervisor supporting the children at each table. The termly menu is displayed in the classroom. Alternative meals are provided for those children who require a special diet for religious or medical reasons, such as allergies.

The menus are healthy and varied, and we expect all children to have a school meal, unless there are specific reasons why this cannot take place. Ethelred mealtimes are an important social part of the nursery day, when children are gently encouraged to experience new foods.

The school office is able to provide information about free school meals eligibility. Dinner money should be paid to the office on Monday mornings.

There is a fruit table from which children can help themselves to fresh fruit.

Drinking water is readily available, and all children will be offered a carton of fresh milk each day.

Sweets, snacks, or gum are not allowed at school.

Birthdays are special for young children and we encourage parents to celebrate them by providing a cake as a special treat. We organise a small celebration to mark the occasion. Please talk with your child’s keyworker in advance and do remember that birthday cakes brought into school must not contain nuts. We do not arrange or take part in full-scale birthday parties.