Breakfast Club Terms and Conditions

The Breakfast Club aims:
  • to provide children with a healthy breakfast to start their school day
  • to support working parents/carers by providing high quality consistent provision which meets the needs of both children and their families
  • to provide a safe, supportive and welcoming environment where children can relax, have fun, be with friends and make new friends.
  1. The Breakfast Club will be managed and run by the Ethelred Nursery School and Children’s Centre Governing Body. They will ensure that financial transactions accord with the Lambeth’s financial regulations.        
  2. The Breakfast Club will be open from 8.00am to 9.15am Monday to Friday - Term Time Only. No responsibility will be taken for children arriving before this time.
  3. The Club is based within a designated area of the Ethelred Nursery School and can be accessed via the main entrance.
  4. The Club is only available to children who attend the Ethelred Nursery School.
  5. A registration and booking form (available from the school office) must be completed and returned with payment to the school office prior to the child’s first Club attendance.
  6. The cost of Breakfast Club is £6.00 per child per session. The charge of £6.00 covers the cost of staffing and a breakfast to include a choice of cereal, toast and jam, yoghurt and a drink of fruit juice or milk. A hot option will be available during the Winter such as porridge, crumpets and hot chocolate.
  7. Payment must be made in advance by cash, cheque or direct debit.
  8. Parents are able to book regular or ad hoc sessions on either a daily, weekly, monthly or half termly basis (Registration and Booking Forms must be completed).
  9. Ad hoc sessions will be accepted on a first come first served basis depending upon spaces available.
  10. We will allow a staggered arrival but breakfast will finish being served at 8.50am
  11. Parents are requested to inform the nursery of emergency contact numbers, food allergies or medical information by completing and returning the Registration Form (which is available from the school office).
  12. Parents are asked to keep the Nursery informed of any changes to emergency contacts, or family circumstances which may require special precautions/consideration.
  13. Parents will be given one month’s notice of any increase in fees. Fees must be paid in advance. The Governors reserve the right to exclude a child if fees are not paid. Fees are the responsibility of each person who has signed the Registration Form or who has parental responsibility for the child.
  14. Parents must hand their child directly to Breakfast Club Staff on arrival.
  15. Children will be under the close supervision of Breakfast Club staff at all times. They will not be able to leave the Club area until the 9.15am handover to the child’s designated keyperson.
  16. The Breakfast Club staff will be responsible for the care and management of the children, treating them with respect at all times and provide fun supervised activities to occupy the children until the start of the school day.
  17. The Club will comply with environmental food safety standards.
  18. There will be at least two members of staff in attendance at any time. Legal guidelines relating to adult: child ratio will be strictly followed.
  19. All children are expected to behave well, to be polite to staff and to each other. The Club follows the Ethelred Nursery School’s Behaviour Policy.
  20. If your child is unable to attend that morning please telephone the main school number (020 7582 9711) by 7.50am and leave a message. In line with the school’s Attendance Policy, absent children will be followed up from the register at the beginning of the school day.
  21. No refunds will be given if your child does not attend the Breakfast Club due to illness but a credit will be carried over.
  22. No refunds will be given for sessions only part attended .i.e. if a child attends too late to receive breakfast or does not require breakfast. Breakfast will be served until 8.50am.
  23. The Club is committed to safeguarding and all staff will have a current DBS. All Safeguarding Policies will be adhered to.
  24. Any child with a contagious/infectious illness should not attend the setting.
  25. The Club will not be liable for loss of property brought onto the premises by the parent/carer or child. All clothing should be clearly labelled.
  26. All accidents, that staff are made aware of will be documented in an accident book.
  27. The Breakfast Club is covered by the school’s insurance.
  28. In the event of a parent wishing to make a complaint, this should be taken to Glenda King, the Head Teacher in the first instance. The Head Teacher is readily available to talk with parents or an appointment can be arranged via the school office.
  29. The completed Registration Form will remain active until the child moves onto Reception.
  30. The Breakfast Club follows all Nursery School Policies.