Starting School

Each new child will be allocated a keyworker, who will be responsible for your child and for getting to know you. Although we are a small staff team and work with all the children (and you are welcome to talk to any of us), it is important for your child to have one specific nursery adult with whom to form a special relationship. Home visits are an established part of our induction procedure and allow us to get to know your child in their home setting.

From our experience we know that a gradual transition is preferable to a sudden one. Please be guided by your keyworker about when you should leave during this settling-in period. The usual pattern is an hour’s visit on the first day when you stay with your child. After that it depends on the individual child, but you should expect to stay for a while each day for the first three or four days, or until your child is settled.

Starting nursery school is an important transition from being at home and your child may find the separation from you difficult. Some children, on the other hand, appear to be confident and ready to be left from the beginning!