Including All

At Ethelred we believe that all children and adults have the right to participate in learning in a way that is meaningful to them and which helps them to reach their potential.

We work hard to identify any barriers that might prevent a child from achieving well. All of our learning activities are planned to meet the needs of children with a wide range of needs, interests and capabilities.

There are times when children need additional support to engage in the full range of learning opportunities. The school has a Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo), who is a teacher responsible for making sure that all children have access to the curriculum and that those children having difficulties get all the help and support they need. Please see our Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) report and Special Educational Needs policy for details of how we do this. Lambeth Council provide statutory support for children with SEND - please see the Lambeth Council SEND Local Offer website for further details.

Children who have English as a second or additional language also receive support to ensure they make good progress. Key persons supported by the Deputy Head work closely with parents, carers and other staff members to help individual children make good progress. We plan specific language based interventions to support children at the early stages of learning English to develop their vocabulary and to build confidence in interacting with their peers.

Seeing children within the context of their individual family circumstances and their individual needs is at the heart of our relationships and educational planning.

We are committed to respecting the values and beliefs of all of our children and their families. Consequently we choose materials (books, pictures, puzzles, games, etc.) which reflect the diversity of race, religion, class, disability, ethnicity and languages of our multi-cultural, inner city environment. We are also aware of biases which can affect how girls and boys learn and will challenge limiting or stereotypical expectations whenever we encounter them. We also recognise that some families may have religious or philosophical beliefs which may affect their child’s participation in certain activities. If this is the case please speak to your child’s key person in the first instance so that together we can find a way to include your child in all curriculum activities.

In our Children’s Centre we provide a wide range of courses and activities to meet the needs of our users.  We believe that lifelong learning is important and work with our community to target our services effectively. Please see our Children’s Centre programme for further details.