The School Day

Daily Routine 

Please bring your child into the classroom at the start of the session, help her/him identify their name card and then spend a few minutes with them at an activity to help them to settle for the session. If your child finds it difficult to separate from you, let the keyperson know and s/he will decide with you what is the best for your child at this time.

Outdoor and Indoor Play 

Our curriculum is based on play as we believe that this is the best way that young children learn. This view is supported by extensive research in child development and children’s learning. We provide a stimulating indoor and outdoor learning environment every day.  Children have access to the outdoor area all day, every day.

Young children have ebbs and flows of energy, concentration and interest and they learn in different ways. This means we must take into account the child’s need or preference for individual or group learning, imaginary or exploratory learning, active or stationary activities, noisy or quiet pursuits. This is why we provide a range of different play experiences, indoors and outdoors, active and quiet.

Tidy Up Time

At the end of the morning and afternoon sessions, we have ‘tidy-up time’. All the children are expected to help put things away. This helps children learn to take responsibility, follow instructions, complete a task, work together and respect their surroundings. They will be developing skills in managing practical tasks, sorting and classifying (what goes where), following instructions and working collaboratively with others.

Group Time

At the end of each session, there is a group time for every child when music, maths activities, stories, ‘speaking and listening’ experiences and circle time activities will take place.

At nursery wonderful and exciting things are available for your child.  Please check the monitor in the reception area every day to see what is happening.


Help your child have the time of their life by dressing them in the right clothes!


  • old clothes that can get messy
  • washable clothes
  • nursery aprons – where provided
  • clothes that can be zipped and fastened by your child
  • no flip-flop shoes – shoes with Velcro fastenings rather than laces
  • an old coat for outside use (you can leave it here)
  • no jewellery
  • elasticated trousers
  • clothing labelled with your child’s name is best.